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What is Lumina?

In 2008 Lumina was founded with the focus set at making a difference in the medical dressing field. LUMINA FILM is an innovation. It´s a switchable medical adhesive with strong fixation and at the same time an easy removal. During the dialog with healthcare providers it became clear that a large number of patients fall between the focus areas of existing medical dressing offerings. With the innovative new adhesive used in LUMINA FILM, you can now have the best of two worlds – strong fixation and at the same time an easy and skin friendly removal. Less problems for children, elderly or patients with weak skin. And less problems for the treating nurses.

Clinical data proves why Lumina is the winner in the medical dressing field.

Study No. 14.0364-23
Study No. 14.0364-23
Study nr: Work report W_2_10_7
Study nr: Work report W_2_10_6

How does it work?

Lumina is a unique medical dressing. It combines strong fixation and a skin friendly removal. With almost no pain for the patient. Apply on the skin as you normally would do with any other medical dressings. When you want to remove the film dressing ­ illuminate it with the special torch provided. The colour changes, indicating completion of the switch. This step takes a few seconds for each area that is illuminated. The adhesive has now become non­sticky and the dressing can be easily removed. No residuals remain on the skin.

The Technology

The LUMINA Film Dressing consists of a thin polyurethane membrane, coated with a layer of an innovative switchable acrylic adhesive. The dressing, which is permeable to both water vapour and oxygen, is impermeable to micro­organisms, and once in position, it provides an effective barrier to external contamination. When applied, the adhesive is strong and offers secure adhesion to the skin. Before removal, the dressing is illuminated with the special torch ­ with a specific wavelength, during a few seconds, whereby the adhesive strength is significantly reduced. Following the illumination, the removal can be performed easily, without causing skin damage.

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The LUMINA Film Dressing has been proven through independent testing to cause less damage to the stratum corneum than other high performance dressings and securing­ tapes. Independent tests have also proven that the pain during removal is lower than for other film dressings. Technical tests show that the adhesion strength is higher than other film ­dressings, and even as high as hydrocolloids. User tests have also confirmed that the use of LUMINA products for retention of other dressings and devices is possible.

“The kids think it hurts less when you remove the patch, it is important to them.” “Easy to use, a bit of fun for the kids when talking about the patch will change color to be ready to remove ” ”Everything that can help children is important, if only one adhesive.” Caisa Jansson. Nurse at Akademiska Sjukhuset, Uppsala, Sweden

Corporate info

The story behind Lumina.

In 2007, three students at Chalmers University of Technology acquired the rights to a new patent. Shortly after the largest technical hurdles had been solved, the technology could be patented for medical use. During a number of years, the main focus was to develop a safe and cost effective platforms that later could be tailored for specific medical usages. In 2013, Swedish entrepreneur and investor Bengt Ågerup became a major shareholder in the company. The goal was set at developing the company’s first own product, the world’s first switchable adhesive enabling the combination of strong adhesive with patient friendly removal.

During dialogue with care providers in neonatal wards, childrens intensive care wards and children’s oncology departments it became clear that the need for better products for their patient groups was huge. The children were subjected to dressing removal trauma, requiring time and resources to manage. In some cases the dressing removal was the worst part of the entire procedure. In collaboration with care providers, a film dressing tailored for their needs was developed. Why cause pain and skin damage when the solution exists?

Lumina Adhesives AB is certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2012. This is a comprehensive standard for quality management systems, specifically for Medical Device Manufacturers. By earning this internationally recognized certification, Lumina Adhesives AB offer customers and suppliers an additional level of confidence in quality, reliability, and commitment to continuous improvement.The certificate is issued by Intertek.
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